Call for Manifestos: The European Ultimate Federation!

Dear European Ultimate Players,

Have you ever wanted to help build the European Ultimate scene to help make it one of the best in the world? Are you keen to build grass-roots Ultimate in Europe? Or do you have other ideas on how to make Ultimate in Europe just that little bit better?

Then now is the time for you to put your hands up and run for positions on the new European Ultimate Federation! The current EFDF (European Flying Disc Federation) is asking for Ultimate Players in Europe to submit manifestos to run for positions in this new group.

This is a call for Manifestos for anyone wanting to run for the following positions:

Chairperson - Oversees the smooth running of the organisation and is to ensure that the EUF is run in a professional and spirited manner. This Chairperson is also to sit on the EFDF with Chairpersons of other Disc sports (such as Disc Golf, Freestyle, etc) in Europe to maintain coordinated efforts.

Treasurer - In charge of keeping the official EUF accounts. Preferably this person will have a professional background in this field, or else be an ex-treasurer from a National Flying Disc or Ultimate Federation. In the first year running, this person may be asked to help in an advisory role with the EFDF as well.

Womens / Open / Mixed / Juniors / Masters Chairpersons - A call for manifestos will also be made for individuals wanting to run as chairperson for a subcommittee, be it Womens, Open, Mixed, Juniors, or Masters. These chairpersons will be in charge of recruiting at least 2 more members to form their respective subcommittee.

If you have any questions at all regarding the above positions, or are interested in Chairing a further subcommittee not listed above, please email the current EFDF at


Manifestos should include:
Your name / Country / Team / Why you want to run / What experience you can bring / Attach a photo

Please send Manifestos to

National Federations & European Country representatives are this year going to all be granted a vote each for these positions. Voting will start in early September.

To find out more about the EUF structure, please go to the following link:

The current EFDF hosted a meeting at the European Ultimate Championships in Southampton to run through the structure with European National Federations and National representatives. This is going to be a trial year for the structure proposed, which is why it is crucial that we get YOU on board to help make this a successful and efficiently run organisation.

(Please note that the new EUF will take on all the roles and responsibilities the current EFDF run regarding Ultimate in Europe. The EFDF will then become an umbrella organisation for the chairpeople of all disc sports in Europe to coordinate with each other.)

Stand up and be accountable! Now's your chance to help build a strong Ultimate Federation catered to your European Ultimate needs.

All the best,
Alia Ayub
on behalf of the EFDF | webmaster | 28.07.2011