Alia Ayub

Manifesto Chairperson Womens Subcommittee

Name:Alia Ayub
Team:I play for the London based women's team Iceni and GB Women

Having volunteered on the EFDF the past 2 years, as well as having helped to set up the UK Women's Tour and UKUA Women's Ultimate Subcommittee, I have a great deal of experience in setting up new structures dedicated to the promotion of the growth of Women's Ultimate. If elected, my goal in the first year of the EUF would be to:
  1. Select a women's subcommittee dedicated to promoting the growth of Women's Ultimate in Europe and to actively encourage this growth by finding out what assistance the different regions of Europe would find helpful in this aim.
  2. Encourage further opportunities for elite women's team in Europe to compete against each other in order to drive the standard of play in Europe steadily higher
  3. Coordinate with the Championship Series Committee to ensure that there is an increase in participation of women's teams in the series.
Over the past two years, I have been on the EFDF in the capacity of restructuring the organization. With the new European Ultimate Federation, my goal would also be to ensure that in its first year we set in place the necessary structures and evaluate how we can use this Federation to the greatest benefit for European Ultimate players.

I realize that the main focus for everyone elected to all of the positions for the EUF this year will be mostly dedicated to the above, but if elected I will also endeavor to set in motion a solid structure for the promotion and advancement of Women's Ultimate in Europe.
Thank you for your time. | webmaster | 28.07.2011