Marcus Sarnoch

Manifesto Chairperson Masters Subcommittee

Name:Marcus Sarnoch
Residency:Reutlingen, Germany
Team:"Frisbee Family Pempelfort", Düsseldorf

My name is Marcus Sarnoch, I was born in 1969 in Germany.

I started playing Ultimate in Aachen in 1990. After playing for Aachen and Berlin my job led me to Düsseldorf, where I am playing for the "Frisbee Family Pempelfort" since 2000.

With my team from Düsseldorf I have played the EUCC in Rostock and the WUCC in Perth. These two big tournaments have been highlights in my frisbee-life.

Despite all the positive feelings I felt that the Master class / division could need some more activity. Maybe it is possible to bring more "old" men and women together, and through more networking the Master division could grow. | webmaster | 28.07.2011