Paul Eriksson

Manifesto Chairperson Youth Subcommittee

Name, age:Paul Eriksson, 47
Residency:Stockholm, Sweden
Team:Stockholm Syndromes (also Swedish Masters national team)

I've been on the EFDF board since 1991, and since the late 90'ies been focusing on the situation for the Jr divisions. Since 2005 I've been promoting European championships for the U17 division, which last year for the first time was part of the EUC. Because of my involvement the last 10 years in projects helping to establish and develop ultimate play in northeastern Europe (the three Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) I've also tried to make it possible for these "new" frisbee countries to participate in the recent European Jr championships.

If elected, these are the goals I would work for:

  1. Make sure the people I pick for the Jr subcommittee represents the various countries/regions that have organized Jr play in Europe.
  2. Increase coordination/knowledge of various Jr play that's going on and starting up all over Europe, and keep working for ALL of Europe being able to take part in international youth play. Having special focus on North Eastern and Central Eastern Europe, where I know incredible work is done in spite of tough economic conditions.
  3. Address the problems we experienced in both the Jr Open and U17 Open divisions at the EUC in Southampton. I'm sure this to some extent is due to "growing pains" that any new division will face when one hasn't played each other that often. But I also think there is need for further dialogue between coaches and other responsible persons conc views and thoughts on SOTG, and their very important role when implementing this with youth players.
Playing experience: I've played ultimate since '78. Played or attended all European national and club team championships since the first one '80 in Paris. The same with WUGC and WUCC since the start in '83, except WUCC'93 and '06. Got one World Championship gold medal to show for, Masters in '96, and numerous EUC gold medals in the open division.

Non-playing experience: I've been either on the ultimate committee or board of the Swedish Frisbeesports Federation since '80. For WFDF I've been on its ultimate committee since '83. The last 3 years I've been working part time on various projects locally and nationally for the Swedish Frisbeesports Federation to develop the sport. The next couple of years I'll be working for an international organization that organizes seminars and exchange programs for youth, based on the concept of non violence in conflict solution. I of course will make sure that ultimate will play a certain role in this…

The new EUF will face numerous challenges, and I hope my experience can be useful in more areas than the Youth divisions. | webmaster | 28.07.2011