Rüdiger Veitl

Manifesto Chairperson Mixed Subcommittee

Name:Rüdiger Veitl
Team:"Searching Woodpeckers", Munich

I started playing "disc" in 1989. In the beginning the people in my town played a bit of everything. Overall, Golf and Ultimate. After going to my first Ultimate tournament I got hooked on Ultimate and this is mostly what I do nowadays.

I travel a lot to go to tournaments around the world and I do host one or two tournaments a year myself. I get a lot of Ultimate-visitors in Munich, Germany where I live. And I have always liked to give my opinion, to represent others and to help in setting up something new.

In Germany I am presently coordinating the Mixed-Ultimate scene and I was player and coach for the German mixed national team for the last 4 years. I was able to attend the World Games twice (Japan and Germany) and I have so far played about 350 Tournaments in over 15 different countries.

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