Si Hill

Manifesto Chairperson EUF

Name:Simon Hill
Team:Clapham (sometimes GB or Catch 22)

Why do I want to be involved?
  1. I really love playing and watching ultimate. I want the availability and quality of ultimate to go up in my country and across Europe.
  2. I think the fundamental instrument for managing and supporting the growth of our sport at this stage is the competition structure - and so I'm particularly excited about EUCS. Its fantastic and crucially important that we have an elite, annual European club competition. Ensuring the continuing success of this event would be my top priority.
  3. I am concerned about the idea of creating a new international ultimate organisation - we already have the National Federations and WFDF. I believe it would be more efficient to have a European sub-committee of WFDF. If elected chair my aim will be to work with WFDF to make this happen.

Playing experience:
I started playing ultimate at the end of 1993. The first proper game I saw was that amazing final between the US and Sweden at Colchester in 1994. Brilliant! My first (and probably last) team was Catch 22! We just play at Rimini these days. When Catch stopped I was one of the founding members of Clapham in 2001. I've played with the GB open team since 1997, and was one of the captains in 2003, 2004, 2007 - and hopefully 2008...

Non-playing experience:
I am currently paid (part-time) to run the UK Ultimate Association. I am on the WFDF ultimate committee, and the EUCS committee. Working with a couple of other players in the UK I conceived of and implemented the UKUA Tour - which has now been running for 11 years. I have been TD for a number of tournaments over the last few years - and in particular ran two of the main UK events in 2007: Tour 1 and Nationals. Tour 1 was one of the largest domestic tournaments we've ever had in the UK - hosting 60 teams playing over 22 fields. | webmaster | 28.07.2011