Ted Beute

Manifesto Treasurer

Name:Ted Beute
Residency:The Netherlands
Team:"Red Lights", Amsterdam

My name is Ted Beute, from 09-08-1966 in the Netherlands.

I have been playing Ultimate since 1987. First in a sports university team in Groningen, then from 1995 in Red Lights Amsterdam. With that team I have won several Outdoor and Indoor championships here in Holland and played a lot of tourneys all over Europe, also beach. I have been present at WUCC's in St. Andrews, Hawai'i and Perth, WUGC Turku and EUCC Rostock, in Open, Mixed and Masters divisions.

From 1988 to 1991 I have been the treasurer and secretary in my university team. Then from 1999 to 2005 I have been Red Lights' treasurer, now secretary. From 2001 to 2007 ( and still … ) I have been involved in the Dutch Board, being in charge of all the Ultimate championships. In 2004 I have been taking over the national treasurer spot for half a year, when the sitting treasurer went home.

When Paul and Thomas at the EFDF players' meeting in Turku asked if someone would like to help out I stepped forward and from that day on I have been taking part in all the decisions that EFDF have been making since then ( for EUCC'05, start of the EUCF in '06, EUC'07, 'inventing' EUF this year )

Being in EFDF I know that there are already candidates for all positions, only the Treasurer spot is still open. Earlier I wasn't sure if I would have enough time this coming year to do all the important tasks that the new EUF will be facing, still being very preoccupied with our changing national situation. But that national problem seems to be resolved by now and probably the Treasurer part is not the biggest job of all.

I do want to stay involved in these new European Ultimate developments, to help the best I can. There are a lot of issues that EUF has to turn to and I would like to put all my experience at hand. I can only hope that my former experiences with budget-keeping in Ultimate situations will do for this particular position. But I'm pretty confident that my intelligence, knowledge of sports in general and love for Ultimate will help me out in this new adventure.

Finally I could say on my behalf that it is probably wise for EUF to have its Treasurer living in a Euro-country.

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